Where are we heading?

My first blog heading your way involves the direction of our football club. Last year, we encountered a disappointing end to the season with our London-rivals Chelsea securing the Champions League, which, as you know ended our chances of Champions League football.

Although despite this disappointment, we did have possibly our most successful transfer market ever securing the likes of Mousa Dembele, Emmanuel Adebayor, Clint Dempsey, Jan Vertonghen and Hugo Lloris. This was in my opinion, a step forward. Reports of Eden Hazard, Oscar and others claiming they would have opted for Spurs had we been given that Champions League spot, of course would have been a step forward also in regard to signings. This leads me to pose this question to you. Where would we be if we had Champions League? Of course, its disapponting we did not secure that placement however the question remains that with the likes of Jan Vertonghen joining us over Arsenal – a team with that placement , does that mean progression is haulted all together? No it doesn’t. This is why I remain optimistic over our clubs future even if we do not finish in the top four this season.

Hugo Lloris joining was too a huge step forward. A keeper of that standard and that experience is something this club craves and is something this club needed and again, decided to join us without that placement. So! I believe keeping this current squad with additions similar to the standard of those signed in the Summer Window of 2012 will improve us next season.

Of course, we would all love to see the mighty LilyWhites grace the Champions League but it really is not the end of the world if we miss out. This was a worry over the last summer if we would fall back because of losing the likes of Modric and Van der Vaart, but, look where we are! Challenging for that position yet again with a squad that has imporved without that illustrious competition is something we are capable of this summer if we do not grab that sought after fourth spot.

So who would be similar additions? I believe Christian Benteke would be someone of that standard. As you may remember both Mousa and Clint joined from Fulham – a middle table Premier League side. They didn’t join from large clubs nor were they too highly sought after, despite occasional reports on Dembele moving to United. Benteke for me would be superb. A proven Premier League goalscorer who I believe we have the financial capacity to sign. And addition of someone such as himself would be good for the club and yes, would move us forward.

All-in-all, a good season could be capped off with a fourth place finish but as previously stressed; there may be Higuain’s, Dzeko’s and other fish in the sea, but with the keen eye of our Chairman and scouting staff – we could find a gem for less of which has been found before!

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