Forget Bale. Are there other members of our squad we can’t let go?

As every transfer window must have, there is always an on-going saga between European clubs for the sale of a top player. It’s fair to say that if Champions League evades Tottenham yet again then we may face a battle to keep our Welsh wizard. Of course, he holds Spurs in his heart for the fantastic support he’s received during his time at the club and I feel he may opt to stay, BUT! I pose this question to you: will he be the only battle Spurs face this summer?

This year has highlighted some of the excellent talent we have within our ranks. Two key figures stand out for me that personally; I feel must be kept at all costs. Jan Vertonghen was signed for Spurs in 2012 from Ajax. He has enjoyed a phenomenal first season which included: reaching the Quarter Final of the Europa League, being selected for the PFA Team of the Year, picking up the player of the month award in March and enjoying several good goals including a double at Anfield. Prior to Spurs, he did attract interest from several big clubs including Bayern Munich and Arsenal and forces me to question whether we will face bids for him this summer. Although I expect him to not only honour his contract and hold some moral obligation to Spurs, a bid from a side of those mentioned previously could trigger interest. Jan is crucial to us moving forward and could potentially lead himself to a great career at the Lane. His input is not only invaluable but has proved that we are not just a one-man team and that Bale is not the only player to bring value to our side.

Hugo Lloris. What can I say about the man from Nice? He’s athletic, strong and intelligent and has been a singing Spurs needed to refresh and progress the squad. Hugo is the type of player we need to attract if we are ever going to launch a title bid. Someone with plenty of experience and also heightens our publicity because of the name on the back of the shirt and the quality he brings with it. Hugo again joined in 2012 and as has Jan, enjoyed a memorable first season. Not only is he so very quick and brings a new defensive high line to Spurs, he has made some saves this season that are as valuable as goals, those against West Ham come to mind. But will we face bids for our French footballer this year? Will Hugo become frustrated with missing out on Champions League or will he strive to have a go next year and commit to Spurs? A player of his class again brings stability to the squad and has proved, as has Jan, that we are not a one-man team.

So you’re probably thinking: what are you trying to get at? Well I’m simply stating that although you may expect to see on your televisions and newspapers, Bale this and Bale that; there are other members of our progressing Tottenham squad that we must convince to stay to better the team and strive for the long awaited titles this club needs. So do not be surprised if you hear rumours of Jan reports and Hugo reports because ladies and gentleman, we’ve signed some class talent this season and quite frankly they are as important to Tottenham as is the man we all talk about.

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