North London Derby Special

Welcome to our first ever North London Derby Special. Instead of our usual Match preview we decided to do something a bit different, so for the last week, we’ve been asking you the fans to tell us what the North London Derby means to you, what it symbolises and the passion involved.

For me, the North London Derby carries a sense of sheer panic, worry, excitement and suspense.
It’s the one game I look for when the fixtures are released and it’s the one game I dread all season long. It’s the fear knowing that however prepared Spurs are, however strong or powerful they may appear; this fixture wipes the slate clean and can emerge some true surprises.

The North London Derby really spiced up around 2010, the year Spurs performed and achieved a place in the UEFA Champions League. On the 14th of April (with a difficult run in) Spurs faced Arsenal at White Hart Lane. I remember this fixture as being a real shift in the usual Arsenal dominance (despite the 4-4 result in 2008 and 5-1 cup win). Spurs began the game so very strongly and youngster Danny Rose provided Spurs fans with one of the true classic Derby moments when he volleyed home a stunning effort to give us the lead. This was only bettered by Gareth Bale hitting home in the second half to give Tottenham a deserved home result over their rivals. The joy and screaming involved in such a game capitalises the power of the fixture and how passionately we Yids follow it.

lennon 1

To me this game is more than a Premier League fixture, its more than another game ticked off the list. It’s a Cup Final, it’s the bragging rights at work the next day and it symbolises the true spirit in which we all follow Football.

To me, the Derby is David Bentley hitting home from 40 yards, to me its Rafael Van der Vaart shooshing the Gooners, to me its Kyle Walker leaping with joy as he scored his low driven effort and to me its Aaron Lennon slipping round the keeper to gift us our latest victory of the noisy neighbours. The Derby provides the memories we shall forever cherish as fans, it’s the results everyone knows and no-one forgets.

We thought, to make this Special that even more special, that we would hear your views on the Derby and what it means to you:

@AddictedToSpurs :

“The North London Derby is a thing of beauty. The most exciting league game we are involved in all year. The ups and downs we’ve had with these games, the classics. It’s all just brilliant. Up there with the best derby’s in the world. The passion from the players, the passion from the fans, the awe that the neutrals look on in. I’ve experienced my fair share of North London Derby’s, you cry, you laugh, you scream, you celebrate. The emotion you go through is something special. Can’t wait to get stuck in once again. The tide is turning. Time to show them that North London is WHITE.”


“The North London derby is amongst the best in the world.

It’s a derby where both teams can play football, and by playing football I mean with style and purpose. A derby with pace to the wings and passing that makes you marvel at the very sight of it. Two fierce rivals battle against each other for bragging rights for another part of the year till the second game comes along. The North London derby isn’t a boring encounter (some exceptions) it will get you out of your seat and out of breath as you try to keep up with the excitement. Goals come aplenty, but are taken like cup winning goals.

The feeling of beating your rival is second to none and the North London Derby is the best rivalry of all.”


“The North London Derby means a lot to me because over the years it has proved that the rivalry is still very much alive and kicking. It has also shown that on the pitch, as much as we like to distance ourselves from it, the truth is we are indeed both very similar albeit talented sides who create a (usually) sublimely tense 90 minutes of football.

Also, for me anyway, it has represented the fight and resilience that this club has embodied, every season, wherever we are in the table respectively, we both put aside our respective troubles and put 100% in because it IS the Derby and that’s what makes it special.”


“The North London Derby is the highlight of the football season. It’s a rivalry like no other. The intensity in every derby match is heated and fiery. Every derby is a war between Spurs and Arsenal. Arsenal trespass North London every day and Spurs go out to every match like its life or death. To get this stolen land back. Every Spurs player and fan should think about this “It is better to be dead than red”. Come on you mighty Spurs!”


“Growing up it was a constant battle between my Dad who is an arsenal fan and my Granddad who was a spurs fan to put me in either kit. Every time we win the North London Derby it gives me another reason to show my dad why I picked the right team and never wore red COYS.”

TalkingTHFC’s Conclusion:

This weekend looks like to entertain the same feelings. This week Tottenham have secured some truly magnificent players, all whom are available for selection on Sunday. Christian Eriksen, Erik Lamela and Vlad Chiriches give us an additional boost into the tie and with Sandro, Kaboul and Lewis Holtby all back fighting fit; this game should be fiercely contested. Arsenal have Lukas Podolski out injured with Laurent Koscielny and Aaron Ramsey (strain) able to return.

Predicted team:

Lloris, Walker Vertonghen, Dawson, Rose, Paulinho, Capoue, Dembele, Townsend, Chadli, Soldado.

Predicted Score: I never predict this score.

Predicted MOTM: Paulinho – I think he will be in his element this weekend after really impressing against Swansea.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our North London Derby Special. I’ve expressed my views on what it means to me as have all these other Yids whom have kindly put their views in also. Our next activity on here is a Transfer window Review in midweek after Deadline Day on Monday. Make sure to follow our Matchday package on Sunday @TalkingTHFC.




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