Match Review – Spurs 0-3 West Ham

Tottenham suffered their second defeat of the Premier League season after suffering a 3-0 stuffing by West Ham United.

Tottenham didn’t begin proceedings with the usual tenacity and flair the home fans are used to despite the selection of Jermain Defoe over Roberto Soldado. There was little creation centrally from Eriksen, Dembélé and Paulinho however the Brazilian did see lots of the ball with his numerous striking chances going wide and over constantly.

West Ham looked to have setup camp very well. Sam Allardyce introduced a sturdy middle to his side and they made the midfield very congested which limited the creation from AVB’s boys. Jermain Defoe showed little of his midweek threat as he couldn’t link to some passes provided for him. Andros Townsend proved to be the most effective from a Tottenham perspective as he offered some sparkling runs down the right hand side right in front of his England boss Roy Hodgson (in attendance today.) Andros found himself frustrated at the lack of completion from his numerous crosses with no aerial threat in the form of Defoe who did attempt a few high attacking displays in his defence.

The real chance of the half fell to the visitors. A training ground freekick fell to Kevin Nolan at the near post however his effort sprayed wide much to the delight of the Tottenham faithful. Spurs did find themselves in some interesting positions including a battle in the West Ham area from Sigurdsson and Defoe however no-one proved effective enough to finish the chance. Paulinho did enjoy a few shots but they often went dramatically wide. It was clear that at the interval, AVB needed to provide a tactical method of breaking down their congested central unit and with the possibility that some flair was needed from the very expensive Spurs bench. It was a dull half by all measures.

The second half was utterly shambolic. It was wave after wave of West Ham attack and Tottenham in no-way lived up to the expectation they hade been giving Spurs fans hope with. Through sheer frustration this is as far as my Match Review will go this week. #COYS



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