@TalkingTHFC’s Match-Week 9 Comments via Twitter.

During the Saturday games, we made comments on Twitter about each game. During so, we concluded our views on some of the performances and stories surrounding the ties! Hope you enjoy them! *These are each taken at different times during the game – therefore may not reflect the full time score*

On Southampton vs. Fulham:

Southampton are truly a surprise package this season. Amazing job by the barely known Pochettino upon appointment. #PL

On Norwich vs. Cardiff:

Norwich will felt hard done by. Hughton will no-doubt have a thing or two to say afterwards. #PL

On Manchester United vs. Stoke:

What a turnaround at Old Trafford. Moyes has saved another week of criticism from the papers. Can this team mount a title challenge? #PL

If United even considered sacking Moyes, I think Martin O’Neill would be perfect. Its a transition year but this is not United standard. #PL

It’s miraculous the turn-around at Stoke. My opinion of Mark Hughes has always been appalling but Stoke as of late are playing football. #PL

On Aston Villa vs. Everton:

Lukaku with another goal for Everton. Baffling to think he’s being loaned. Did Mourinho loan him to rock the boat for top-four rivals? #PL

The standard & amount of USA keepers in the PL is very high. I wonder if playing US Sports as kids plays a factor in producing good GK’s?

Tale of two keepers at Villa Park so far. Howard and Guzan both on unbelievable form. #PL

On Liverpool vs. West Brom:

Suarez with a fine display. He’s slipped back into the PL without his previous exploits being mentioned. A new man or same-old Suarez? #PL



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