Match Review – Arsenal 2-0 Tottenham

Tottenham lost the second North London Derby of the season as they fell out of the FA Cup thanks to a 2-0 defeat to Arsenal.

The game began on top with some good attacking mentality however the hosts had their own fair share of goal scoring moments. Christian Eriksen had the best Spurs chance if the whole game potentially. He came bursting through the backline however the angle meant that the Dane was forced to shoot inside the keeper through a small gap however although he beat Fabianski, the ball went wide and hit the outside netting. It was unlucky for Spurs considering they had a close shave at the other end moments before when Walcott broke through but was upheld by Dawson but no foul was given.

In all seriousness, the atmosphere inside the North London stadium was good and the hosts seemed to benefit from such. Walcott had another chance as his effort from the edge of the area curled away from Lloris’ goal and moments later, Serge Gnabry smashed a chance that powered over the bar by mere inches. Hugo Lloris made an outstanding save as he fell to his feet to stop Walcott’s shot from sliding underneath him.

It was clear that the game as just too easy for Arsenal. They constantly threatened Tottenham and it was obvious that the midfield battle was the key to dominance, they overpowered the midfield as Spurs’ middle men in the form of Mousa Dembélé and Nabil Bentaleb were proving too weak for any form of attack despite the efforts of Christian Eriksen and our forward line.

It wasn’t long before Arsenal took the lead after a period of unrivalled dominance. Santi Cazorla made it 1-0 as he received the ball wide from Gnabry to strike the ball across the face of the box and past Hugo Lloris into the far net. It was always going to happen as Spurs fans could just feel the onslaught continuing. Tempers flared afterwards as Adebayor felt the pressure of the crowd and made several silly challenges, the theme of which was continued by Bentaleb who gave away his second reckless freekick of the half. Despite the added minute of pressure, the hosts entered the break 1-0 better off over their rivals.

The second half proved no different for Tottenham. Arsenal continued to persist in attacking and were rewarded for such on the 65th minute of time. Roberto Soldado had the ball on the far side and decided to play it back to the isolated Danny Rose who dawdled on the ball and slipped, leaving Rosicky to run through the half and hit the ball past Lloris to make it 2-0. The game just made Spurs fans more frustrated and despite moments and glimpses of class, nothing could challenge the Arsenal team. Theo Walcott took a moment to incite the crowd with some hilarity attached, through his mimic of the scoreline. The game ended 2-0 and saw Spurs exit the FA Cup in the third round for the first time in 8 years.

Player Ratings:

Lloris – “Made some very good saves throughout.” (Good)

Walker – “Had a decent game actually if looked at in isolation.” (Good)
Dawson – “His pace or lack of it was his downfall.” (Piss poor)
Chiriches – “Disappointed me to be honest.” (Average)
Rose – ” *huffs* ” (No comment)

Dembélé – “Made Wilshere look a right prat.” (Good)
Bentaleb – “Wasn’t ready at all.” (No comment)
Lennon – “Possibly our best going forward.” (Good)
Eriksen – “Not too bad in all fairness, just frustrating.” (Average)

Soldado – “Just not good enough despite a good first half.” (Average)
Adebayor – “Crowd got to him.” (Piss poor)

MOTM: Hugo Lloris. Kept us in it and made sure Özil didn’t get in on the action.



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