Match Review – Swansea 1-3 Tottenham

Tottenham continued a good spell of form under Tim Sherwood with three points at the Liberty Stadium, furthering their impressive record against Swansea since the Welsh were promoted with a 3-1 victory.

The game began with positives and negatives for the visitors. Although Swansea held most of the possession, Spurs were coping defensively very well with anything the Swans could offer. Dawson’s calmness and composure seemed to be the balance at the back despite at times when Rose and Walker decided to go off on a jolly.

Chiriches was mixed to begin with as although the pulled off many a stunning tackle, they often appeared by mistake as if the Romanian did not have full control of his defensive duties. Swansea seemed to have two main points of threat.

Jonjo Shelvey and Wilfried Bony were providing some sparkling efforts and general play to push the Swans forward but a few Hugo Lloris wonders managed to stop the home side from gaining the lead.

After around 20 minutes of play, Swansea really came into their element and began to play the ball around well. Bony had the best chance so far when his effort thumped against the cross bar to deny himself the chance to put them ahead. But Spurs endured their own fair share of chances to match.

After 35 minutes of play, Christian Eriksen found himself in possession on the edge of the area to curl a ball into the path of Emmanuel Adebayor who emphatically powered the ball into the net with a header. Spurs were 1-0 up and looked to extend the lead further just seconds afterwards. Nacer Chadli found himself on the end of a good Walker ball but his effort was too high and Tremmel pushed it over with ease. Spurs entered the break 1-0 up.

Spurs did in fact extend their lead. Not long after the interval, Kyle Walker found himself in some space to cross the ball only for Chico Flores to hit the ball into his own net. This goal gave Tottenham the comfort to play some good football and calmed any nerves the fans may have been feeling. Spurs were really playing some top football and Eriksen and Adebayor were each in their element as they continued to pressure the backline. Tottenham had their third after 70 minutes played. Emmanuel Adeabyor received the ball from Rose on the wing to hit the ball calmly past the Swansea keeper. This came after Dembélé had hit a shot wide despite Adebayor remaining open. Spurs were 3-0 up and coasting however Swansea had their own piece of the action. Bony (who had been superb for the Swans) finished the ball well after a mix up from Spurs at the back to make the scoreline 3-1 and put slight pressure on the team. Spurs prevailed to take home an excellent three points drawing them level with ‘title contenders’ Liverpool.

Player Ratings-

Lloris – Top saves and a clever head. (Excellent)

Walker – Out of position but did well going forward (Good)
Dawson – Much improved after some poor recent games. (Good)
Chiriches – Not his best game I must admit (Average)
Rose – Decent game but some weak spells (Average)

Dembélé – Missed a howler but not too bad (Above Average)
Bentaleb – Spent too long holding onto the ball. (Average)
Lennon – Didn’t do too much for me to day. (Not bad.)
Chadli – Didn’t do too much either. (average)

Eriksen – Superb. This is the man we heard about. (excellent)
Adebayor – Two more in the bag (Excellent)

MOTM – it’s a tie! Ade and Eriksen. Perfection.



One thought on “Match Review – Swansea 1-3 Tottenham

  1. Hotspur says:

    I thought Chiriches was better than Dawson, Dawson kept getting caught out and Vlad cleared up after him. In addition Dawson nearly gave away a penalty with the push on Bony.

    I agree Adebayor and Eriksen were fantastic. Eriksen is so inventive, maybe we’ve finally replaced Modric. Adebayor is playing like Drogba in his prime, unfortunately, I don’t think it will last.

    If you’re interested here’s my view:

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