How to fix Tottenham Hotspur

After a very difficult week for Tottenham, its time to start analysing some areas that need mending. I have outlined three key areas that I believe need to be addressed and would lead to greater things for Spurs.

1. Create a fixed Starting XI

It’s without a doubt that recent performances are simply not good enough, as was clearly echoed by Tim Sherwood in his post match interview after the defeat to Chelsea. Tim made it blatantly clear that some players simply don’t have the gritty determination as was modelled by Scott Parker in his days at the Lane. Obviously Spurs are not going to delve into the market and fill the team with this calibre of player, but to start, we could make-do with our current squad. That means finding a starting XI that we can rely on, or at least find comfort in, prior to a game.
Injuries and fitness have drastically altered our performances this season, including the side we field each week. Spurs need to select a set XI that should start every week (as Redknapp did in his final season at the Lane), and replace injured players with like-for-like replacements – not those whom are ‘able’ but those who ‘do’ hold that position as their own. For example, if we were to select Danny Rose in this ‘perfect’ XI, should he become incapable for a particular reason, there should be another actual left back ready to fill his boots – not Vertonghen who although able, is not a ‘left-back’ by heart. Do you catch my drift? With this set XI, players know where they will play, what formation they will play and whom their partners in crime will be. Different teams and different locations must cater to alterations of course, but we should have something to believe in, something we can trust in. This also means that youngsters (such as Harry Kane and Nabil Bentaleb), know that if they are going to make the match-day team, they must be better than these players and have something to strive for.


2. Hire LVG

This is not a cry for Van Gaal nor is this anti-Sherwood. Tim should be outstandingly applauded for his efforts this season, after all there are not many Under-21 managers capable of taking over a Premier League side and performing to the standard the team has (forgetting the weaknesses we have displayed). As @RantingSpurs once stated for myself, Van Gaal is a stern figure, often touted as almost dictator-like by the media who he has come into conflict with several times during his illustrious career, stemming from his own philosophy that the media know nothing about the internal runnings of a club and therefore shouldn’t speculate on it.
The Dutch boss is someone that I personally feel would act as the perfect Tottenham manager. The problem I’ve had with our last two managers (AVB and Tim), is that we would go into games with so much panic and nervousness that it would be almost impossible for us to gain a result simply on this alone. Van Gaal is someone that would put me at ease, someone that would bring the calm before the storm and someone that prior to a match, would give us the belief to win because of his general charisma and stern attitude. I do not, repeat do not, think Sherwood has done poorly, I think he has done as well as possible with the atmosphere surrounding him and after all, aiming for top four was ambitious to say the least. Think of it this way, are we better than any of the sides in the top four, and deserve one of their Champions League spots? Personally I don’t believe we are.


3. Improve the home atmosphere

Against Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, we had quite possibly the best atmosphere at the Lane for quite some time. I was lucky enough to be a part of the 1882 movement that night and for the first time ever at White Hart Lane, I remained standing with the other fans for the entire game, singing to our hearts content. Then came Cardiff at home. The atmosphere, to say the least was utterly diabolical. These so called ‘family fixtures’ (and although Cardiff wasn’t one of them) quite frankly ruin the atmosphere, and of course children should go and watch their heroes – it’s their basic right to do so, but the club don’t seem to grasp the fact that the frequent use of games like these mean that the atmosphere is ruined because it’s almost like they’re encouraging the silence. Also the allocation on cup games often means a lack of 1882 presence in the stadium, this group of fans should always, always be present at the Lane and in the Last-16 of a European fixture, they won’t be there. Sort it out Spurs! When sitting in the section with the outstanding vocals, you realise how poor the rest of the arena is. When seated elsewhere, other than with the 1882 movement, acoustics and the odd happy chap make it seem as if the atmosphere is everywhere when in fact, its only this selection of fans. We need to do our fair share.
Secondly on the atmosphere, the club must do their fair share also. Do not get me wrong, I am a massive fan of our match-day hosts Pete Abbott and Paul Coyte, they are two voices I associate with my early days at the Lane. However, after my visit to Stamford Bridge recently, I discovered that like Napoli, they have a host present on the pitch-side, before, during and after the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not praising Chelsea! We just need someone similar. Someone to prep the fans, add excitement to the team sheet and most importantly, celebrate every goal like we do, not just a simple reading of the goalscorer’s title. Something like this:


7 thoughts on “How to fix Tottenham Hotspur

  1. tehTROLE says:

    I agree with most of your points, particularly with the atmosphere. I usually sit in the paxton road end (family stand) or in the east stand on about the half way line. The north is always dead quiet – it’s hard to join in with any chanting because you’d be the only person within 10 seats doing so, and you feel awkward when there’s a couple of five year olds sat in front of you. IT wasn’t that bad a few years ago, but things have changed enough to encourage a move to the east.
    The match day hosts could do more to hype the crowd – but i remember trips to selhurst park and stamford bridge thinking that it was all a bit tacky. Something to be wary of.

  2. It’s not difficult to understand the remark regarding players Sherwood can, and cannot trust. But when Bentaleb is preferred to Paulinho, and Walker starts in midfield, he is leaving himself wide open to scrutiny. There is no chance of Townsend or Soldado regaining any form when they are selected so infrequently. But by players he can trust, unfortunately means no place for Vertonghen or Kaboul, who should arguably be our first choice centre-back pairing.

  3. Matt Jarvis says:

    The atmosphere may improve now that the Y word fiasco has started to die down. At the minute, we have a club where the chairman has failed to come out and back the manager and tell people that there will be no new manager in the summer. Tim is clearly not happy about this fact and I can not blame him.
    He has done really well in the circumstances but the way to fix THFC is simple…get rid of Daniel Levy. He has made so many mistakes in his managerial appointments, sold our best players while Liverpool kept their’s and has failed to communicate with the fans.
    Our wage bill after selling Bale and buying a few average players has actually increased and it is laughable that some Spurs fans still try and defend Levy.
    One trophy, several managers later and Spurs are going nowhere.

  4. jack says:

    i think if we was to bring in LVG he should be able to build his own team because i think the current players we have now lack passion i feel he should be able to spend a good 60+ million plus a percentage of the money we get from player sales otherwise i cant see us getting any better 2 types of players i feel we especially need are a a best player a player who can win us games where things are not turning out like they should and do things to make the whole team tick examples (bale,modric,berbatov,gazza,etc) wealso need a leader someone who will be shouting 24 7 getting the best out of the players and not giving up even if were 2-0 down. whats your opinion on this situation im curious to know as you seem like you know what your talking about

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