Comments on Sherwood

What I fail to grasp from Sherwood since his appointment, is what exactly he is trying to gain from this experience.

He is hardly showing his worth in terms of managerial style, performance or tactical approach, meaning that he isn’t exactly putting himself on a platform for his next managerial job elsewhere. Clubs are hardly forming a queue to sign him up, purely on the basis of his managerial style. Therefore if Levy decides to sack him this summer, why has he not at least attempted to better himself, or show some sign of change, therefore leaving himself in a better position should he need to look for another shot as a manager.

Another thing that dazzles me about Sherwood in recent media pieces, is that he is hardly showing himself off as a literary wizard. His press appearances are rather odd, especially when viewing the fact that he seems to knock Tottenham throughout his entire time speaking (even though he is the manager of the club). His recent presser included quotes such as: “my players shouldn’t be motivated to perform,” and of course, his beheading of Tottenham legend Glenn Hoddle, a stunt that was far from an attempt to gain support from the Spurs fans.

It just confuses me as to what Sherwood wants from this situation. His actions have hardly been enough to keep himself at the club, nor to exemplify his talents to another club, nor to at least speak his way out of the predicament he finds himself in and show the fans that he is trying to better himself.



2 thoughts on “Comments on Sherwood

  1. Yawning Yid says:

    Stick to being the excellent resource for sharing Tottenham related information that you as @talkingthfc .. when you use the platform and big audience that you’ve deservedly developed for individual opinion or humour, it becomes a turn off on the account. @AddictedToSpurs and @HotspurRelated 99% of the time stick to what they’re good at and probably have a separate account for personal opinion.

    It’s so obvious you’re anti Sherwood (it shows when you go into ‘personal mode’ on Twitter) that this article was only ever going to be negative about him. I’ve lost count of the number similar blogs done already regurgitating the same thing. Would be refreshing to read a different angle on it, or something original.

    • TalkingTHFC says:

      How dare you. This is my opinion, that’s the entire premise of being a fan, to share your opinion. I don’t wish to be a similar account to Addicted or Hotspur Related because I find that copying and pasting opinion that is shared by the masses is pointless. I want to provide my own opinion and my own ideas. I used this platform to put them across. Secondly, I don’t hide that I’m anti Sherwood, frankly I’ve failed to find someone that supports him. The article is intended to be negative, it’s not singing his praises is it? And how dare you say this isn’t original, it’s my opinion for gods sake. Don’t like, don’t read.

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