World Cup Announcement

As well as bring you all the latest Tottenham news, transfer stories and updates throughout the next few months, I will also be providing match thoughts on selective World Cup fixtures.

I am pleased to announce I have joined the Sport Bible team on Twitter (@tsbible) and will be their correspondent for a Belgium throughout the tournament, covering them on match day and writing previews on their website. I’m very exited about this new partnership,

Although my priority remains Tottenham, I would like to remind people that I am indeed a fan of football on the whole (as we all are during such a competition), and believe it to be necessary to voice said views during these games.

This ‘commentary’ will not come in the format of my extensive match commentary during the football season with Spurs, however will include random comments and views throughout some fixtures and moments of interest – and not minute-by-minute reports as you are used to with me on match-day.

Of course this will not include every game, however I will operate on the basis of watching games when they are televised live and I myself am available. I would very much enjoy discussion on games, key events and decisions with my followers on Twitter at @TalkingTHFC, so feel free to join in.

Our boys in Brazil are sure to be involved in the action, so make sure to join in for the latest on the LilyWhites in South America also.

So please join me this summer as the Brazil 2014 World Cup is underway! And after all, someone has to provide competition for the muppets at ITV!




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