Arsenal legend tips Tottenham as “dark horses” for top four

Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown has told @TalkingTHFC in a Daily Mail Q&A session that he believes Tottenham are serious contenders for the top four in the Premier League.

Speaking in a Twitter Q&A session using the hashtag #TackleKeown, the Mail pundit answered my question regarding his thoughts on who the ‘serious’ top four contenders are this season.

The former England man told me: “I wonder if Tottenham could be dark horses. They lost against Palace but had a good run before that and the recovery in the cup could get their tails up.”

Building on that, Keown said: “We thought Chelsea would win the league by Christmas but Tottenham obliterated them and that will always be in their minds.”

Making over 400 appearances for London rivals Arsenal, the hardened defender has vast experience in qualifying for the elite European competition.


Speaking to me for the second time this week on the Mail website, Keown has quickly become recognisable towards the gradual rise of Spurs under Pochettino. Read what the former defender told me about Tottenham’s defence here:

Keown later went on to explain that he feels several teams are in the running for top four: “Usually at this stage the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal are playing consistently, but they are not. Anybody who finds that consistency between now and the end of the season could get there.”

“Southampton are going well but they have lost Wanyama and Schneiderlin this week and it could be that strength in depth may cost them rather than form.”

“Arsenal and United almost seem to be over the worst of their injuries so that’s what Southampton have got to compete against.”

Read more from the former Arsenal defender here



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