Former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood on how to manage striker Emmanuel Adebayor

Former Spurs manager Tim Sherwood said today at the Telegraph and Virgin Media’s #TTFLive event that the Emmanuel Adebayor of late is not the Adebayor that he is familiar with.

Speaking in London today, Sherwood spoke about Adebayor’s potential deal to West Ham United on Deadline Day, and commented that the striker needs careful handling in order to see his best performances shine through.

Sherwood told the Telegraph: “Adebayor I know is someone with immense quality, and drive and desire. I’m not sure he wanted to leave Tottenham in this [transfer] window.”

The former Spurs boss told the panel at the event in Victoria: “I made him feel like he was the main man. My brief when I took over as the manager of Tottenham was to try and make the team a little be more attractive and score more goals.”

Speaking alongside Paul Hayward and Henry Winter, the Telegraph columnist said: “With the players I had at my disposal he was the best suited to bring back into the fold. He had been pushed to the side somewhat by the previous manager. It was an easy one … in terms of motivation … to get him back and want him to prove a point. He was fantastic.”

Watch the full comments from Tim Sherwood at today’s Telegraph event here:

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 14.00.31


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