Tim Sherwood: Harry Kane’s development at Tottenham Hotspur down to me

Former Spurs boss Tim Sherwood said today at the Telegraph and Virgin Media’s #TTFLive event that he feels he was a crucial part of Harry Kane’s development at the club.

Speaking in London today, Sherwood spoke about Harry Kane’s impressive run of form on a transfer-window review panel, and says that had he not been there to intervene, the player may not have blossomed into the star we see today.

The former player said: “truth be known, if Tottenham had had their way … then Harry Kane would not have been Harry Kane today, because he would have been on loan at a Championship club to gain even more experience. And he would not have got his opportunity to play for Tottenham.”

He continued to say: “the rest is history as far as he (Kane) is concerned.”


Taking over from Andre Villas-Boas last season, the former Premier League winner was keen to incorporate Harry Kane into his side, with striker Emmanuel Adebayor another attacker he believed would suit his style of management at Spurs.

Making no signings during his only January transfer window at the club, Sherwood told the audience today that he didn’t believe any additions were necessary during his time there: “the players on offer were not going to make us any better. If you would have said we could have had Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo then I might have taken them on.”

Sherwood finished stating: “but I decided it was right to give youth the opportunity at Tottenham, Harry Kane being one of those players.”

Watch the full comments from Tim Sherwood at today’s Telegraph event here:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/tottenham-hotspur/11386737/Former-Tottenham-manager-Tim-Sherwood-on-how-to-manage-striker-Emmanuel-Adebayor.html



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