The Player most want to succeed – but will he at Tottenham?

After a disappointing night in Europe as Tottenham came crashing out, another glorious effort was spurned by Roberto Soldado. After making his £26million move to White Hart Lane just two years ago, it seems his time at the club has reached its inevitable conclusion – as if it already hadn’t.

‘The player most want to succeed’ is perhaps the most accurate way to describe the Spaniard. Under Tim Sherwood, fans would chant his name, simply to get him onto the pitch.

There is a real desperation now from Tottenham fans for the striker to start hitting form, however after two years of finding his feet, it seems that moment will never come.

Similarly with Erik Lamela, there is a real desire to see our ‘magnificent seven’ find their best form at the club, with the likes of Nacer Chadli and Christian Eriksen the only two to have really pushed on from that disappointing summer. B-1Wx3kW8AA9MQ1

Although in the case of Lamela, it seems that fans’ desperation to see him succeed is simply so that he justifies his price tag, as the winger doesn’t seem to hold the same disappointment as Roberto Soldado does when putting on a poor show.

It seems to bother Soldado just as much as the fans when his performances don’t reflect the capabilities seen at his former club Valencia. The saddest part of the tale of Roberto, is that when chances like last night are presented to him, very few now expect him to complete them.

The forward lacks confidence, and it can at times be difficult to watch. Mauricio Pochettino said after the Fiorentina defeat that Soldado’s miss was “normal.” If ever there were a more disheartening adjective.

The injustice of their inability to hit form is made all the more harder when they do indeed show glimpses of magic. Lamela’s rabona against Tripolis, Soldado’s thumping effort last week against Fiorentina. They ‘can’ do it, just these chances are few and far between.

Everything he does seems lethargic, apologetic and you can see a man that has lost his way. In typical Spurs fashion, he could leave and do well at another club. But it is time for a change of scenery now.

It seems that Roberto Soldado’s journey at Spurs is just a few months from its inevitable conclusion. You’ll see many of the media write: “Can Soldado fix recent woes with a goal at Wembley?” The answer is simply no. He came from Sunny Spain, but unfortunately failed at White Hart Lane.


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