Brazil legend Pele praises “excellent” Harry Kane

Football legend Pele has hailed Tottenham striker Harry Kane as “excellent”.

The World Cup winner has spoken out about the Spurs forward, claiming he could be fantastic for the England squad.

Pele told the Press Association – “I think he is an excellent player – he could be a good one for the English team.


“What is important is the team work, I think. You cannot win games with individual players. Always it was like that.”

Scoring 26 goals this season for the North London side, Kane has gained many plaudits from the world of football.

The football legend was keen to address the importance of the Tottenham side in Kane’s rise.

Pele said: “When you have excellent players, sometimes the team doesn’t work, you need a good team ethic.

“I am going to give one example – in the Brazil team at the World Cup in England, we had at that time the best players.

“We played the World Cup here but we lost, then in 1970 in Mexico we had an excellent team.”

Kane and Tottenham take on Leicester City at White Hart Lane this Saturday at 3pm.



One thought on “Brazil legend Pele praises “excellent” Harry Kane

  1. TalkingTHFC says:

    eu concordo , ele tem um jeito com as palavras

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