How Harry Kane has united English football fans

He’s the man on everyone’s lips. Harry Kane in the space of eight months has gone from a Tottenham Hotspur reserve to England’s white knight, and gives Three Lions fans hope for the future.

It would be utterly ludicrous to state anything close to: ‘Kane can win us the World Cup’, as a header on your debut doesn’t signal untold success for years to come, as the media may propose.

But what Kane has done, in the space of a season, is unite a segment of England followers who thought that the days of ‘natural goal-scorers’ were gone. The Sheringham’s, the Shearer’s, the Rooney’s and the Lineker’s. CBImyJIVAAEt2Ib

The reception that the youngster got at Wembley on Friday was nothing short of fulfilling. To see fans give him the stamp of approval before he’d even touched the ball showed that Roy Hodgson has a gem amongst his ranks. Let’s not forget, the fans inside Wembley were not all Spurs fans.

Kane gives fans hope that the future is bright. It’s the simple things in life that give us pleasure, and seeing a local lad pull on the colours of his country for the first time brings a smile to the faces of many (especially Tottenham), fans.

In the words of Kane’s long-time girlfriend: “no-one deserves it more than him.” And to be honest, he does.

CBIlEooWYAEzcNyThere are so many youngsters that are moved here and there on-loan from a parent club, never finding permanent success. Kane stuck at it, found a manager that believed in him, and was rewarded for his endurance.

Someone that should not be overlooked for the presence of “one of our own” as a result is Tottenham head coach Mauricio Pochettino. Although Tim Sherwood gave Kane the senior-team platform to become a goal-scoring success, Pochettino’s belief in implementing a youthful network at the club (with Kane at the forefront), must be commended.

Just reading through the morning papers and seeing a Tottenham Hotspur favourite labelled as England’s future brings delight to our hopes for seasons to come.

A hot favourite for PFA Young Player of the Year, it is clear that “one of our own” is uniting a nation troubled with international woes.


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