Benfica boss Jorge Jesus: ‘I told Tim Sherwood to f*** off’

Benfica boss Jorge Jesus has this week been linked to the role at Manchester City, as Manuel Pellegrini’s time at the club seems to be coming to an inevitable end.

FourFourTwo have published an outstanding piece linking the Portuguese boss to the job in Manchester, and whilst doing so have unearthed some hilarious quotes from Jesus about former Spurs boss Tim Sherwood.

With the quote originating from Portuguese source Sol, Jesus said: “I told André [Villas-Boas] that if we beat Tottenham I would give Sherwood a mauling in the press conference. I would have said that Tottenham were much better under André and now they had zero idea tactically.

“I had this in my mind during the game and I stepped into his zone by accident. He looked me up and down in that English way as if to say ‘Portugueezer, your place is there: stay there, little guy’.”

The hilarity continued when Jesus told Sol: “I understood that look and he then stepped into my zone. That’s when I told him to go away, saying ‘back, back, back’. But he stayed put.


“That stayed in my head, and when we scored, I’m not sure why, it was instinctive, I did that little dance as if to say to him ‘you’re taking a hiding and don’t even realise how’.”

Speaking about Benfica’s 3-1 victory at White Hart Lane last year, the Benfica boss continued to say: “this happened at 1-0 but then I remembered there was still a long way to go. I said to myself, ‘Shut it, this could still turn around’. When we made it 3-1 I said to him ‘My name is André. One, two, three’.

“He went ballistic – ‘F*** you’ to which I responded ‘F*** you, f*** the b**** who gave birth to you’. I let it all out and the referee was there trying to separate us. But I was winning, so I was fine.”

The aggressive manager told Sol: “then I thought ‘This guy’s going to land one on me’. But he didn’t. He’s bold, I have to say. I ended up liking him. In Tottenham’s next game in the English league they won 3-2, coming back from 2-0 down and when they scored the winner I jumped in the air.

“He was courageous, he wasn’t scared of me. If he had to headbutt me there and then he would have. What he was saying was: ‘I’m not scared of you. You’re here strutting about and in a while I’m going to hit you.’ I like people like that.”

Many Spurs fans will see this as an excellent drubbing of the current Villa boss, who just this weekend defeated his former club. Although it could be interpreted as an attack on the club. Either way, Jorge Jesus’ arrival in the Premier League could spark some tremendous scenes.


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