Harry Redknapp reveals details about Tottenham sacking

Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has told Sky Sports’ Fantasy Football Club that he believed he was to be the new England boss whilst at Spurs.

_60896890_redknapp_gettyInterviewed last Friday on the show, Redknapp told them: “even Daniel Levy thought for sure I was going to be getting the job.

“First I knew that I didn’t have it, we (Tottenham) were playing at home on the Sunday, we’d won 3-0, I’m sure Gareth Bale ran a muck as usual.

“I was in the car and suddenly it came on the radio that Roy Hodgson had been announced as the England manager.”

Redknapp continued to say that he would have taken the job, despite having been at Tottenham.

The former QPR boss told Sky: “it would have been hard to turn it down. When your country offers you the job how can you say no. It would have been impossible.” 

Harry Redknapp was sacked as manager of Tottenham Hotspur on June 14, 2012 after nearly four years in charge

However, the ex-Spurs boss said he could have seen himself staying at the North London club for many years: “I could see myself staying there (Tottenham) for a fair time. They were talking then at the time about offering me a new 3-4 year contract.”

Enjoying much success during his time at Spurs, Redknapp continued to reveal details about why Daniel Levy chose to sack him from the role he had occupied for 4 years.

Redknapp said: “I don’t think Daniel had a reason (for sacking him). I think they always felt they wanted to go down the road of having a director of football. 

“They brought in AVB or whatever it is, Villas-Boas. I should have called myself HJR really it would have made me sound more clever. 

“Anyway AVB came in, they brought in Baldini to buy the players and that’s how they saw the club going. That’s what Daniel wanted to do.” 

Queens Park Rangers manager Harry Redknapp greets Tottenham Hotspur's manager Andre Villas-Boas in London


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One thought on “Harry Redknapp reveals details about Tottenham sacking

  1. UKFootballFan says:

    Harry did well as manager till the England job and the court case came up. He lost interest in my opinion. DL might have also been worrying other financial indiscretions might start surfacing.
    I’m indebted to ‘arry for the job he did when he replaced Juande Ramos but he made his own bed of nails (in my opinion).

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