Arsenal legend sympathises with Tottenham over “awful” Europa League

Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown has told @TalkingTHFC in a Daily Mail Q&A session that he believes Tottenham’s season finished after defeat to Aston Villa.  Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester City - Barclays Premier League

Speaking in an online-based Q&A session using the hashtag #TackleKeown, the Mail pundit answered my question regarding his thoughts about Spurs’ defeat to Tim Sherwood.

The former Premier League winner said: “It’s certainly been petering out these last few weeks. But had they beaten Burnley away and Aston Villa at home they would only be two points behind Man City and right in the race for fourth.

“It has not been an awful season but they have not shown the necessary consistency.”

Keown continued to say: “I saw them at Burnley and it was so sterile. Burnley scrap and fight for everything but it’s at places like that where you need to pick up results.

“That’s what Arsenal did and that is the difference. Tottenham did not look up for it.”

Making over 400 appearances for London rivals Arsenal, the hardened defender admitted that Spurs struggled to pick up points in the league, because of commitments to other competitions.

The Gunner replied: “At the start of the season there are only a limited number of prizes to aim for but once those have gone, you have to keep on churning away putting points on the board.

Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Aston Villa - Premier League“You can’t feel sorry for yourself for too long.” 

The main talking point from Keown’s comments was that he sympathised with his old rivals over the difficulty of the Europa League, suggesting that the Lilywhite’s simply ran out of steam.

Keown told me: “I do sympathise because with the Europa League they have had to play an awful lot of games but they could have done better. They have to improve at home, though there is a lot to be pleased with this season.

“They have just run out of steam. Though with the way things are going with Tim Sherwood at the moment, it does make you wonder what might have been if he’d stayed put.” 

You can read more from my fifth appearance on the Mail website here 


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