Mauricio Pochettino says Lionel Messi is not the greatest player ever

la-sp-sn-video-lionel-messi-incredible-goals-against-bayern-munich-20150506Tottenham head coach Mauricio Pochettino has told the Guardian that Lionel Messi still has a long way to go before he matches the ability of Diego Maradona.

When asked about Messi’s show-stopping performance against Bayern Munich on Wednesday night, the Spurs boss was quick to say that fellow countryman Diego Maradona is his preferred choice for the title of ‘greatest ever player’.

Pochettino told reporters: “For me, it is always Maradona. I am sorry Messi. I love Messi, but for me it is always Maradona.

“I was lucky that I played with Diego Maradona. Maybe Maradona is one step up, because he is my idol. Messi is this type of player, for me the best in the world today, better than Cristiano Ronaldo and he can decide a game.” 

The Tottenham boss continued to comment over who he would pick should either of the two players play for him.

Pochettino said: “Now? Messi because Maradona is fat.”

The former Argentinian international told the media that Maradona was almost like a god to him, although Messi takes the crown now.

“Maradona, for my generation, is always a very special player. When I was a child Maradona was like a god. It is difficult in your mind to change your view and say Messi is better or Ronaldo is better but right now Messi is the best in the world.”



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