Harry Kane to Manchester United rumours signal ‘silly season’ is upon us

CFCXMwbWEAAg9EoUpon waking up this morning, it appears that silly season in the transfer market has taken full effect.

Seeing the headline: ‘Manchester United plot £45million bid for Harry Kane’ was enough to send me into hysteria, along with many other Tottenham fans.

The only thing that made the story all the more better was the fact that the Daily Mail tweeted: “Tottenham release new kit, but will Harry Kane ever wear it?” With Spurs wearing the kit against Hull City this weekend, an overnight transfer was on the cards according to the Mail, although the post was swiftly deleted and changed.

It seems that the media now have a sure-fire transfer calculation that they can whip up to determine what the ‘next big move’ is, and here is how it goes.

Have you got the biggest club in England? Good.

Have you got the name of the hottest prospect striker around? Good.

Are they Tottenham Hotspur’s best player? Of course! 

Have you got a staggering fee that is probably (reasonably) accurate and are this club able to spend such an amount? Good.

Now whack them all together and you have the next big transfer ‘exclusive’ that will take social media by storm.

By no means should such a rumour be taken seriously. Whatever Arsenal fans may say Harry Kane is Spurs through and through, and with his first ‘proper’ season coming to close, Tottenham fans should rest easy in the knowledge that there is more to come from “one of our own”.

Picture via @MailSport on Twitter.

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