Manchester United legend labels Tottenham star Harry Kane as “overpriced”

Rio-FerdinandManchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has slammed young English stars as “overpriced” in a Twitter outburst over Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling.

Ferdinand’s former club United have been linked with Kane this summer, despite the striker maintaining that he wants to remain at Tottenham Hotspur.

Having retired from professional football, the former England centre-half took to Twitter to voice his concern over the figures touted in today’s press surrounding the two most-wanted attackers in the country.

Despite voicing frustration over the value of these young stars, Ferdinand himself was the most expensive British footballer in history upon his move to Old Trafford, moving for roughly £34million.

Kane has been adamant that his future lies with Spurs, however in an age of modern football such figures could transpire for the youngster in upcoming summers.

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5 thoughts on “Manchester United legend labels Tottenham star Harry Kane as “overpriced”

  1. Bill says:

    Rio who? Oh! that one the junkie.

  2. Sigurd says:

    The guy misses the point. It means: stay away. Price in itself is irrelevant.

  3. hottotty says:

    How can somebody who isn’t available for sale be ‘overpriced’?

  4. Gary Hall says:

    These player have not put the price on their heads with Kane Man Utd have talked about £40 million well over priced no different to Ferdinand at £30 million, but do not hear him complain about the signing on fees and wages he received.

  5. SP says:

    Rio can think and say whatever the hell he likes about Sterling – the player has been agitating for a move and Liverpool are throwing crazy numbers out to try and put suitors off.

    But he is confusing himself about Kane. Spurs haven’t put a price on him because he is not for sale. The player has reiterated (how many times does he need to say the same thing) that he has no intention of leaving, and his Head Coach and Chairman have stated publicly that he won’t be going anywhere. The player is on a long contract, doesn’t want to leave and the club don’t want to sell, so if United keep on pestering them/agitating through their media auxiliaries Spurs can name any ridiculous price they want.

    The only figure that has been mentioned has been the one United have been leaking to their media auxiliaries as how much they will be prepared to pay if their campaign of tapping-up via media is successful.. Actually, two, because they leaked £50 million to start, just to grab the attention, but this was rapidly reduced to £40 million – in every media outlet? Immediately? A sure sign that it is being orchestrated.

    Another sure sign that it is being orchestrated is the fact that United are consistently mentioned as being the only possible destination – should this campaign, of deciding Kane is too good for Spurs, be successful. Even by the click-baiters. Get outta here! The media habitually link as many clubs as possible to get as big a readership as possible. Real are known to have been interested; Citeh seriously need home-grown players, can outspend United and, frankly, would be a more acceptable destination to Levy and the vast majority of Spurs fans (if the unsettling process were to be successful…which it won’t!). So why the uniform consistency that Kane could only go to United?

    Levy has never forgotten United’s disgraceful behaviour over Berbatov. But I am sure all of this is difficult for Rio to grasp as he played for the club who habitually bahves this way. So it must seem to him that the price they leak to the media, as how much they are willing to pay, does seem like a cast iron price. LoL

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