Bobby Moore: the West Ham legend that wanted to play for Tottenham Hotspur

West-Ham-United-v-Tottenham-Hotspur--Premier-LeagueOver 500 appearances, old-school defending and West Ham’s claim to winning the World Cup. Bobby Moore is an undisputed Hammers legend. Or is he?

Despite the belief that the Barking-born superstar was West Ham through-and-through, a tweet from Spurs video expert YidVids has raised an interesting fact about the Hammers legend.

The tweet shows an extract from a biography about Moore, which claims that West Ham vetoed a move to Tottenham in 1966, as Moore believed securing a “big move” to Spurs would help him win the League title.

So despite Upton Park ringing every week about how passionate Moore was for the club, it seems that not all the bubbles in the world could make him want to stay there instead of a move to White Hart Lane.

So what does this confirm? Firstly, Bobby Moore believed Spurs to be a bigger club than West Ham United. Secondly, Tottenham actually have a backwards ‘claim’ to the 1966 World Cup, and finally, Hammers fans continue to sing about a player forever desperate to wear Lilywhite.

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3 thoughts on “Bobby Moore: the West Ham legend that wanted to play for Tottenham Hotspur

  1. Didn’t try that hard though did he over, how many years was it or perhaps he had a 12 year contract. Do let it go boys.

  2. BWSpur says:

    I’d prepare yourself for a torrent of abuse from the Spammers if I were you! They’re quite angry about Spurs at the best of times, let alone after they read their hero fancied playing at the Lane over the Boelyn, so I’m sure they’ll soon be here to swear at you a bit.

    If they’ve come out of hiding following their embarrassment by yet another European minnow, that is…

  3. Charlie says:

    All quite pointless really. Nothing needs proving that Spurs are on every front bigger than the spiteful pikeys. Can’t see how Moore would have made us better at the time. We took Peters off them and he improved as a player. We sold them Greaves who was finished. Through the years we’ve merely taken whom we wished. Carrick, Defoe etc. please don’t write articles comparing a second rate team who need to rent a ground to us.

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