Premier League countdown: how nervous are you about Spurs’ lack of attacking signings?

TOPIC Barclays Premiership trophy at the JJB StadiumWith nine days left until the Premier League 2015/16 season begins for Spurs at Old Trafford, fans are becoming increasingly nervous over the lack of signings outside of the defence.

The club are still negotiating with Aston Villa and Villarreal over deals for Emmanuel Adebayor and Roberto Soldado respectively, and a search for a striker remains the club’s main priority.

Saido Berahino is strongly linked with a move to White Hart Lane, and fans this week voted the forward as their number once choice to join the ranks.

But it is certainly crunch time, and we want to know how you feel as the countdown clock continues to tick!

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14 thoughts on “Premier League countdown: how nervous are you about Spurs’ lack of attacking signings?

  1. Brian says:

    Desperate and some of the names linked are worrying. We do not need ‘a talented future prospect’. We need at least one top quality striker. Ideally we should have two. Charlie Austin is my pick. If feasible I would add Berahino or Hernandez. There are 70 or so games to play. Harry Kane played 34 last year.

    Behind Eriksen (who has to play centrally) we need a strong force to assist Bentaleb and Mason. Someone who can defend but not afraid of going forward. Lero Fer is the man for the job.

    Lamela’s chance creation surprised me. It is excellent. Unfortunately he seems almost incapable of scoring. If he does not go in the summer I would give him till Christmas. If it is true that Andriy Yarmolenko is on his way, that would be a real boost. He can play as a striker or as an attacking midfielder. He is left-footed and I am old fashioned and would like to see him on the left. Chadli on the right (which he can do).

    Dembele till Christmas and see if he can play Eriksen’s role in some games (not with Eriksen).

    • herr winkle says:

      We’ve got to be careful mate, if we bring in a star striker as you suggest, it could put Kane’s nose out of joint and increase his chances of moving to manure next window. We have to show him the loyalty he’s showing us.
      I think that is partly the problem that is delaying the search for a 2nd (maybe 3rd) striker – finding somebody half decent who won’t mind playing the EL and cups and only the bench in the PL. We do need a young striker for further down the line too, ideally one that can play wide. TBH Berahino is the only one that’s fits the bill at the moment, unless Hernandez wouldn’t mind being super sub again in the league.

      • Brian says:

        Sorry, I do not agree. The club comes first. I do not think Kane is a prima donna. I think the manager would know how to handle it.

        If he moved on he will have o get used to having at least one other top striker in the team. If we act with care in that regard we will be condemned to remain outside the top 4. If Kane were injured for a considerable period we could not cope by having one half decent striker and a future prospect. ,

        f Kane wants to move because we get another top striker, good luck to him. The club comes first and to be top 4 you need at least two very good strikers. There are 70 games. Kane played 34 last season. They can share the games. They will sometimes play together.

        Poch has been getting class in other areas and there will be a good squad to cope with all the games and injuries. We need no different up front.

        Sitting back and relying on second class players to sub for Kane if he is not playing really is a an option that is doomed to failure.

      • Brian says:

        And as George points out, if we do not finish in a CL spot, what odds that Kane remains at Spurs anyway?

        Austin is that man and I would, like you suggest, get Berahino or Hernandez.

      • PluckySpur says:

        I think that our mistakes have been buying strikers with no-EPL pedigree, and with that in mind, I think that Berahino and Austin would be the best choices.

        I also believe that the only way Hernandez would come to the club is if we offer him Ade type money, and while I believe he’d have a better chance of producing the goals than Ade, little pea would be playing with us for the money – not the shirt.

        If we go outside of the league for anyone, it should be for a DM – preferably like a Sandro at his peak.


  2. George says:

    Whilst our competitors are stronger than they were last season we have not yet purchased any quality players so where is the ambition to finish in the top four. Why should we have to wait until Abdebayor and Soldado are sold? I fail to understand all this but just wait when we get thrashed by Man Utd it will then be all panic station but by then all quality players will have been taken up by someone else.

    • DEXTER says:

      I agree George. Even the dozen or so names being bandied around are all (with the exception of lorente) 10 or 12 goals-a-season men. Chadli and Eriksen managed those numbers last season. I agree to an extent that Levy wants to avoid the mess we made 2 years ago and stick to the 15m bracket with new signings, but where a striker is concerned we need to spend over the odds on at least one world class hitter if we aren’t to be blown out of the water yet again by the club’s with their heads screwed on. If Kane picks up a knock we’re truly sunk.

      • George says:

        And the sad reality is that if Kane has another good season but we fail to finish in the top four then you can bet your life one of the top european teams will snatch him together with Lloris for a huge amount of money which will make Levy a very happy man as was the case with Bale. Pochettino will be shown the door and we will back to square one but with £80m in the bank .

    • herr winkle says:

      Personally I don’t think our owners are really serious about top 4, I think all they want is a team in the top 6 with the possibility only of a top 4 spot, so they can cash in with commercial deals and merchandise sales. If they had of been really serious then they would have shown more ambition when we were on the brink a few times. I can’t think of any other explanation, other than they’re trying to get top 4 on the cheap!

      • Brian says:

        The new stadium is hardly cheap. They may not have been serious before but the finances now dictate a top 4 finish within 2-3 years and then remining there.

  3. lee says:

    Hopes were high until “lack of penetration” was used to describe Spurs against MLS and flashbacks to last season came back and the hope has diminished – even more so with the defence letting 2 goals in.
    It’d be a miracle if Lloris stays – we’re going to need him again!

  4. CMC says:

    Anyone but Chadli – couldn’t run past a parked car – and gave more assists to go also against than he scored

  5. Dave says:

    My impression about strikers is this no matter who we bring in it seems we are only going to play one Striker, and this is because of the 4-2-3-1 system we Employ which means we can’t play two Strikers together in one Match
    I Personally would like to see a 4-1-3-2 ie a back Four a Defensive Midfielder three in Midfield and Two Strikers up Front so as not to leave Kane Stranded

  6. DEXTER says:

    I just don’t see us attracting a class-act forward, no matter what the price tag is, and the reason is very simple. Quality strikers are men with ambition and ego. Don’t get me wrong, ego is important when you’re a front man with a lot of pressure on you
    Take Hernandez for example. He’s looking for a way out of Man U because he doesn’t want to play as an occasional backup to Rooney.
    Why on earth would he come to Spurs to do the same for the same or less money??
    Doesn’t make sense.
    In a nutshell our undoing in the striker market is Harry’s astonishingly quick rise to infamy. We’re not going to attract a striker unless he’s better than Kane.
    And let’s face it, we’re not gonna pay the moolah for a Sergio Aguero or better.

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