POOR FORM! Fan favourite Roberto Soldado leaves. Spurs write 31 words in memory

Tottenham-v-Spurs-Roberto-Soldado-pa_3033722Floods of messages have been pouring in for former Tottenham striker Roberto Soldado, as the forward completed a move to Villarreal this week.

Despite only scoring 16 goals for Spurs, Soldado’s passion and grit was enough to win the hearts of the White Hart Lane faithful, who are mostly gutted to see him leave the club.

However, the official club website was hardly aggrieved at his exit, with just barely 2 paragraphs summarising his time at the North London side.

The statement from Spurs read:

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 18.04.03




Should the club have said more about the departing Soldado? Leave your thoughts below.

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6 thoughts on “POOR FORM! Fan favourite Roberto Soldado leaves. Spurs write 31 words in memory

  1. jim the yid says:

    Gutted it never worked out for soldado always gave 100% never gave in good luck in your new club all the best dude

  2. Keith Andrew says:

    A real gent and it was a great pity it never worked for him, it was not down to not trying. I do hope it works for him back in Spain and that he scores loads of goals just not against us if we meet in theceuropa. Hope he comes back as an ambassador for us at some time he would always. E welcom.

  3. SpurredoninDublin says:

    Nice to see the comments made on this site. Many other sites are very disrespectful and make me ashamed to think that they support the same team as I do. It’s a shame that it didn’t work out, and it wasn’t for want of trying.

    Wish him all the best.

    • TalkingTHFC says:

      Thank you for this comment. I personally felt he deserved a good send-off, considering that he held such a special place in our hearts.

    • jim the yid says:

      Agree mate nice to see true fans surporting a great player who always gave his best for our club it wasnt his fault we never played to his strengths if we did we wouldnt be saying these things

  4. john says:

    Heart of a Lion, personality of a Prince!!!! It’s just a shame we didn’t utilize your best qualities, which is not your fault. I would bet my house on you being in Spain what you are…………an absolute Star!!!!!!!!………..best of luck BOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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