EXCLUSIVE: Harry Redknapp on Emmanuel Adebayor: ‘Juju was never a problem at Spurs’

Emmanuel Adebayor was at it once again on transfer deadline day, with the Telegraph reporting that the striker did not join Aston Villa because he ‘did not get a sign from God.’

The Telegraph even understood that Adebayor had gone as far as to complete a medical with Tim Sherwood’s side, as well as take official club pictures in their shirt.

I caught up with former Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp at an event with the Telegraph and Virgin Media on deadline day, and asked the former boss if this spiritual mentality affected Adebayor during their time together.

“No I never noticed that with Manny”, Redknapp said in response.

“I never had a problem with him.

“He was a lad that we took on loan from Manchester City, he was on massive wages there and I think Man City were paying something like £150,000-a-week towards his wages, Tottenham were paying the rest. It was that silly, the deal.”

Redknapp continued to say: “He came in and did great in that early spell at Tottenham, he was excellent.

“I found him to always want to train. He enjoyed playing football, I never had a minute’s problem with Addy.”

After the striker failed to move to Villa Park on deadline day, or join up with West Ham United as it was later reported, Redknapp now believes Adebayor has to go and play football in order to save his career.

“He needs to play now, that’s the thing”, Redknapp told me.

“He needs to go and play somewhere. His career is wasting away. It’s alright sitting at Tottenham because he obviously wants the money that Tottenham are giving him.

“No-one else can pay him the wages that he’s on at Tottenham. I think somewhere along the line he needs to think, I’ve got plenty of money and I want to play football before it’s too late.”

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