Former Manchester United chief David Gill claims Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is “a nightmare”

David-GillFormer Manchester United chief David Gill says the situation surrounding Dimitar Berbatov’s £30million move to Old Trafford in 2009 highlighted the flaws in Daniel Levy’s approach to the transfer market. 

Gill, a Football Association board-member, says the Spurs chairman let the deal drag on through almost the entire window, despite the Manchester club placing a bid in early June.

“I don’t know (why Spurs do it so late). It is very difficult,” Gill told Manchester Evening News.

“With Tottenham, I’m not speaking out of turn, and Daniel Levy, he would like to do that.”

Gill continued to say: “In 2008, when we won the Champions League, we decided that we couldn’t rely on Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo to score all the goals so went for another forward and that was Berbatov.

“I spoke to Daniel Levy in June that year, made an offer, and it went on for the whole summer. It was a nightmare.”

Levy, who is currently in the process of delivering a new stadium to the North London side, has been known to keep deals going beyond their necessity, and Gill says this prevented him from finding an effective replacement for the Bulgarian striker.

09AB14C700000514-0-image-a-81_1431698837084Gill said: “In the end I felt it affected Spurs because we did the deal in the end, at midnight on deadline day, so Tottenham couldn’t get a replacement in. The way the deal got done was that Daniel needed a striker and asked about Fraizer Campbell.

“So Alex (Ferguson) had to phone up Fraizer and say ‘by the way Fraizer, do me a favour, you’re going to Tottenham now’. And that’s how it happened.”

Levy’s Tottenham face FK Qarabag in the return of the UEFA Europa League this evening at White Hart Lane.

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3 thoughts on “Former Manchester United chief David Gill claims Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is “a nightmare”

  1. Ray says:

    We all know that the little runt currently in charge of Spurs likes to play games believing that he is the king and ace poker player but you have to ask yourself, what is the relevance of this article? Why did someone bother to ask David Gill about a transaction that happened years ago between Spurs and Manure. Is it just for the sake of writing any old bollocks or has it got some relevant to do with Spurs right now?

  2. Up the Spurs says:

    This article speaks more about the arrogance of David Gill and United more than anything else. I remember we refused to sell Berbatov that summer. And that turncoat had to force the issue by travelling to Utd even when the Club had not given him permission to speak to United.

    So what if David Gill made the offer in June? Was Daniel Levy supposed to roll over and agree to sell Berbatov just because United came calling? Such gall. And David Gill had the cheek to claim that dealing with Levy was a nightmare.

    What is actually worse are some so-called supporters who would waste no time in putting Levy down at every opportunity. It was the same with Bale. We really didnt want to sell but Bale wanted to go. So, we got a shit load of money for him.

    Now, Levy spent most of the Bale money trying to rebuild the Spurs squad. I remember someone likening it to selling Elvis and getting the Beatles in return. When some of the players did not work out, Levy was slated again. If Levy was the penny pinching chairman interested only in making a profit for ENIC, he would have kept half, if not more, of the Bale money. Instead, he spent a lot of it on a bunch of very promising players – some even proven in other leagues. I also remember almost all the fans were elated with these new signings that summer. When things didnt work out as planned, some of these so-called fans started to turn on Levy, claiming that he “wasted” all the Bale money.

    So, whether he spends the money or not, he can’t win. Chew on that you so-called fans.

  3. SP says:

    Yeah, it was a real nightmare of Levy to not just give United what they wanted, when they wanted, for the price they wanted to pay for it.

    As I remember it, United made a deliberately low-ball offer at the start of the summer and for a player they had been told wasn’t for sale. They had clearly tapped him up. And they sat for the whole summer smirking, refusing to up their offer knowing Berbatov would sulk and bully his way out of the club. If United wanted the deal done early, and knowing Spurs didn’t want to sell the player, they should have made an early bid SO HIGH IT WAS GOING TO TURN HEADS.

    Seems to me that the real nightmare was dealing with arrogant bullies Gill and United, and there is a lot of jumping on the band-wagon based on Gill’s half-arsed self-justification!

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