The Sun Dream Team Weekly

weekly_teaser-742x417The Premier League is back after a week of European football, which means Dream Team is back! Here are my picks for this weekend.

GK – Joe Hart (Manchester City)

City had an absolute nightmare against Spurs last week. Mainly because this man wasn’t in goal. At home against Newcastle, I can see this as a real comeback game. #CleanSheets

DF – Martín Demichelis (Manchester City)

Newcastle have no-one that can terrorise City like Spurs did. This should be a really comfortable afternoon for the defender standing in for Kompany. #NoVincentNoParty

DF: Nathaniel Clyne (Liverpool)

I love this guy and think he is a real talent. He’s been clocking points since the start of the season and think he could add an attacking dimension in the Merseyside derby. #BagsOfPoints

DF: Aaron Cresswell (West Ham United)

If I’m honest he should have been in the England squad. If he’d been a Manchester United player, he would have been. #GiveHimAGo

DF: Toby Alderweireld (Tottenham Hotspur)

What a man. Toby has been tremendous this season and is exactly what we needed. A proper defender with a proper partner alongside him. #BelgianMonster

MF: Santi Cazorla (Arsenal)

Yes he’s a Gooner. But he’s also a fair little player. The Spanish Adam Sandler has been racking up the points lately and he could cause United some problems this weekend. #SantiClaus

MF: Juan Mata (Manchester United)

Have you seen his assist in the week? You haven’t! Get online, now. Right now. Mata is the man of your dreams. You dream team that is. Go and do it now. #WhatsTheMata

MF: Ross Barkley (Everton) 

The Merseyside derby will have loads of goals and this man will be at the centre of the Toffees’ action. The next Gazza is on fire lately and I fancy him this weekend. #BarkForBarkley

MF: Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

I was sceptical about the money that City forked up for him. But he’s impressed me massively. He will score this weekend. There, I said it. #MoneyTalks

ST: Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal)

He looks back to his best and the hat-trick against Leicester was commendable. Big game this weekend but there could be a little something something in it for Alexis. #ISwearImNotAGooner

ST: Anthony Martial (Manchester United)

Rooney isn’t cutting it at the minute. Martial is. Simple as that. #HenryPartDeux

Think you can do better? Pick your team here, join my mini league here using the pin 3007498, and compete to win £10,000. 

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