EA Sports’ FIFA 16 Review: 5 things I absolutely loved

fifa-16-newIt’s that time of year, FIFA is returning to consoles everywhere. The new season is fully underway and the folks at EA Sports have produced an absolute gem of a game, I must admit.

There’s lots to sink your teeth into, with the gameplay getting even more life-like as the season’s pass by. Here’s my run-down of the top five things I enjoyed about their latest release!

1. Realistic game-play 

The classic comparison for these games is a quick look back at the old 90’s versions we all use to enjoy. They really have stepped it up a notch, and the detail is absolutely staggering. Ball control I found to be more difficult, whilst the slightly slower-pace of sprint by far more realistic than the 2015 version. Although frustrating at times (but that may just be my competitive nature), the passing dynamic is spot on.

2. Player and Stadium appearance

With a young Spurs squad emerging last season, it was especially frustrating to see that most of our squad looked nothing like their real selves. What was instantly noticeable this year was that FIFA have worked hard to make the visual appearance of players far more realistic. Harry Kane for example is extremely accurate, with his celebration on point. The additional stadiums this season such as Fratton Park make it all the more fantastic.

FIFA16_XboxOne_PS4_E3_Kane_HR_WM.jpg-pwrt33. Skill Games

Immersive as they come, skill games are the perfect little side-feature for when games just get too much to handle. When first introduced, I was impressed with the detail that went into this feature, just because they felt fresh off the Sunday league pitch. This season they have stepped up the shooting trials in particular, which was the one skill game that needed improving from FIFA 15. If you use Dele Alli for any of these, I have done, you’re sure to smash them!

4. Women’s Teams

I’m slightly annoyed that it’s taken this long for the ladies to become involved. It is a very simple thing for EA to introduce, and it’s very pleasing to see now that they’re part of the action. The thing that is satisfying is that a generation will now grow up with the women’s presence in these games being a natural thing. And if you haven’t played as the England Women’s team, go and do it!

5. Player Ratings

I know a lot of people have not been happy with the ratings this year, I however think they’re pretty damn accurate. Although the overall ratings themselves aren’t quite what they should be, they have definitely made certain characteristics of players better. Harry Kane’s shooting for example as understandably come on leaps and bounds since FIFA 15. Overall I’ve been impressed with the detail that has gone into making the players specifically like their real selves.

Overall I have loved the game, and see a noticeable improvement every single season. Make sure to go and get the game for the best FIFA yet! Thanks to EA Sports for providing the game and make sure to send me your views! 

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