Twitter Reacts: Spurs ‘live’ training stream fails miserably

CJiIHvGWcAA0LeqTottenham Hotspur attempted to do the impossible this week and live stream the first fifteen minutes of training ahead of their Europa League tie with Anderlecht.

The first 15 minutes is always open to the press, and the players were scheduled to begin training at 10:45am, an approximate starting time for the content.

It was not until 11:30am that the stream finally became visible to most fans, who had grown angry after almost an hour since the service was meant to be made available. The video was only up for eight minutes which was even more unbelievable.

It was worth noting, once the stream was finally available, that Heung-Min Son was back in action. The South Korean was however training away from those normally in the starting XI.

We looked at five of the best tweets reacting to this major flop from Spurs TV:

Sorry mate?

Ahead of the Derby…

Exaggeration much…

Sacked in the morning…

Bright and breezy..

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One thought on “Twitter Reacts: Spurs ‘live’ training stream fails miserably

  1. Michelle says:

    Why would you want to watch someone train anyway? Hero Worship? Even GG’s AFC were more fun to watch when they played and that says something.

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