Five things I loved about Football Manager 2016

Football_Manager_2016_key_art_1441385081The lovely folks at SEGA were nice enough to send me a copy of their latest release, Football Manager 2016. Eager to start playing the game, and in return for their wonderful Christmas spirit, I reviewed this masterpiece and found five things I loved in particular!

The gameplay 

Like every year, FM crank up the in-game visuals. First we had nothing, then we had moving spots, now we have actual gameplay with the kits and all! It may not be much, but the fact that this is tweaked every campaign shows improvement and allows for a break from the overly statistical view seen normally. Who knows, next year we might get stadiums too!

Backroom staff support

In past year’s, it felt like once there were signs of problems at the club, you were destined for the sack. Now, at the first sign of trouble, the backroom staff are far more supportive. Training, scouting and advice are three features in particular that allow you to perform better and Jesus Perez at Spurs is perhaps the best of the bunch.

Press conferences and meetings 

You’re able to give across information far more clearly this year. Whether being calm, passionate or assertive, you can convey your thoughts to the media, players or staff with far more ease. It can sometimes prove a tricky nut to crack, as I found with players that wanted to leave. With one click you could insult them, and alternatively they may be apologising for a lack of professionalism.


The game gives you many more options that it normally allows in terms of dealing with players on a personal level. An example that popped up was Erik Lamela seeking departure from White Hart Lane. An option available was to get a senior player to speak with them, an option that was very successful. It feels like you’re allowed to develop a philosophy much more easily than simply playing the old 4-4-2 on all fronts.


In-game tactics 

By far the best part of the game. The explicit instructions that you can give the players are staggering. Whether playing a high-line, encouraging them after a good spell or to specify the type of corner you want delivered. You are able to tailor your experience far more closely than last season, and it allows for an all-round better game.

Overall the game was fantastic. As opposed to its competitors, there are real signs of improvement every season, and who knows? This year might be Spurs’ year after all under the guidance of TalkingTHFC.

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