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Exclusive Interview with Times journalist Henry Winter on Alli, Kane and Gareth Bale

Aston Villa v Wycombe Wanderers - The Emirates FA Cup Third RoundThe Times’ Chief football writer Henry Winter believes Harry Kane and Dele Alli would favour remaining at Tottenham Hotspur over a move to Manchester United. 

Speaking to me at an event with The Times in London, Winter said that he believes Alli and Kane understand that Spurs are on the verge of something special.

“I think it’s the wrong time to leave Tottenham Hotspur,” Winter admitted.

He continued: “they have a fantastic manager who they really respect and fear.

“Speaking to Spurs and Southampton players, training is unbelievable, so intense and sometimes they say that matches are almost a relief!”

“They (Kane and Alli) can probably double their money if went United, something Levy has to look at. Spurs have got more television money coming in next season and the stadium to build.” 

But Winter believes that Spurs are the place to be for these young players, and understands that they don’t want to leave the club.

“I think now is not the time to leave Tottenham,” the Chief football writer stated.

Winter followed: “they have a good hungry young team, and have a huge blow with the centre-back (Vertonghen) injured. They have a great goalkeeper and overall very good players. 

“You see with all the banter between Alli and Dier that there is a spark and camaraderie at the club. 

“They’re young players and can play for United in 5-6 years time, should they choose to.” 

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Winter, who joined The Times after 21 years with The Daily Telegraph back in November, was crowned Football Writer of the Year for 2015. 

The established journalist also spoke to me at length about Gareth Bale, and revealed he believes the former Spurs star could return to White Hart Lane one day.

“I think they’ll have a go, yeah,” Winter replied to my question if Spurs will try and re-sign the winger.

“Gareth Bale has the sort of personality where he will fit back in immediately. Even though he is a superstar, he’s won the European Cup, and is on all this money.

“You talk to people around Bale and you don’t get the impression that he’s in a hurry to leave what is still the biggest club in the world.”

Winter continued: “clauses are clauses, there are a lot of lawyers around. Although Levy is strong, if Manchester United came calling, I still don’t think he’ll leave.

“If it was a straight choice between United and Spurs, United would offer more money, he might go there. But if United are not going to be in the Champions League, he’s a player who wants to play at the highest level, and Spurs will be in the Champions League next season.”

I wish to thank Henry for his time and congratulate him on his move to The Times. 


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