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Mauricio Pochettino admits he is unsure about sharing Wembley Stadium with Chelsea

Mauricio-PochettinoTottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino has said that a decision over a temporary stadium move is still unclear. 

“I think it is a good possibility for us,” Pochettino said in regard to talks of moving to Wembley.

He continued: “there is no news. But playing at Wembley is one of the options for us to play in the future.”

Speaking ahead of Spurs’ FA Cup third round replay tie with Leicester City, the Argentine manager admitted sharing with Chelsea is an option.

He said to reporters: “it’s our option to play at Wembley but I haven’t heard about sharing with Chelsea.”

“There has been no communication from my Chairman. We haven’t spoken about that. Maybe we will speak in the future about it.” 

The former Southampton boss admitted that moving to Milton Keynes is still a possibility.

Pochettino said: “it’s a club decision. I think there are different possibilities but we would love to play at Wembley. It is in London and it is close. It is a good option for us.”

“Why not? Milton Keynes is a good option too.” 

Listen to his full quotes here:

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