EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Man vs. Food star Adam Richman on Spurs, Champions League and Pochettino

IMG_1959I sat down with TV star and Spurs fan Adam Richman to discuss the season so far, some of his favourite Spurs moments, and more. I also spoke to Adam about finally setting the record straight about his loyalty, which you can read here.  

Q: This season we are obviously exceeding expectation. What have you made of our fantastic run?

AR: Well I am honoured to say that I have been part of the journey through the dark times as well. I remember watching in disbelief as Chelsea beat Bayern Munich, pushing the sixth placed team into the Champions League, and pushing us into Europa. I was at the Bridge when we lost 4-0, I was at the Emirates when we lost 5-2.

I never lost faith, because I know the passion of the fanbase, and the depth of the youth system. During Soccer Aid, the great Des Walker even rhapsodised about how great the youth system at Tottenham was.

In Pochettino, we have a young vibrant figure who knows the game as coach and player. He is obviously demanding a profound degree of physical rigour from these players as evidenced by their stamina, physiques, and current style of play.

We also have begun to find brilliant players to make up for the brilliant players we have lost. We have seen Harry Kane grow into an amazing asset, we have seen Vertonghen and Walker become defensive mainstays. We have seen Lloris, continually be a rock between the posts, and we have seen players we knew little of initially, like Nacer Chadli emerge as extraordinary talents.

We have seen the signing of key position players that are able to contribute offensively and defensively. Players I already idolized like Christian Eriksen joined the club, as well as players I knew little of at the time but have been beyond valuable – like Son, Trippier, Dier and Mason. Seeing as how I have never seen MK Dons televised in the US, to watch Dele Alli this season has been a delight.


Q: Is top four the priority this season, or can we go even further?

AR: We are already second! I think provided Pochettino stays in the managerial position, if Levy supports his choices, and we are able to retain outstanding, star position players instead of losing them to the likes of Real Madrid – the sky is the limit.

Our new stadium is already on the horizon, and having been a major collaborator with NFL UK, I take great pride in knowing we are the official ground for American football as well.

This will only help spread popularity of Spurs, and hopefully put more money in our development and transfer budget.

If we continue to play with the grit, guts, and determination that we have of late, the sky is the limit.

Q: It’s been a busy year for yourself over here in England. Have you managed to get down to the Lane much?

AR: I try to see a game whenever I have the chance. I actually filmed a segment at Wembley, and had the driver keep the motor running, just so I could run to catch a match at the Lane.

Luckily StubHub has provided tickets in a pinch, as has my dear friend Cindy at Under Armour. As much as it is fun sitting amongst the Roy Keane dubbed “prawn sandwich brigade,” I do truly love to be in the stands amongst the faithful.

Being able to see Lamela’s ‘rabona’ live, interviewing Harry Kane after a Europa league hat trick and finding out that Pochettino and his family were fans of mine have been highlights recently. IMG_4592

Q: You’ve seen Spurs change managers quite a few times, what have you made of Mauricio Pochettino so far?

AR: I love him!

He is classy, focused like a laser beam, I’m clearly believes in the potential of his players. He demands a lot of them, and you can see he demands a lot of himself. Having spoken to him a few times, I can tell you he has a profound amount of warmth and heart that I have not seen in other managers I have met – looking at you Mourinho!

He is young, and he has that rare ability to understand the game as a player, know what works, & know how to communicate it. He is passionate, he wants to win, and he is not afraid to play with his lineups, and give other unexpected players a chance in different positions. He seems to have faith in players when they have lost it in themselves and certainly the fanbase has.

After his signing, based on his early performances, did you ever expect to see Lamela with a first-half hat trick? And I can’t be alone in being surprised to see Trippier have his name on the score-sheet. He is developing a team with more than one weapon and more than one approach to attack and defending. We are not just exciting and “youthful” anymore – we are dangerous. And I f*cking love it.

Q: What was the most impressive display for you this campaign? I imagine you loved the 4-1 thumping of the Hammers?

AR: I love every time we win. And yes, even over West Ham. I know the stupid rumours that I am secretly a supporter of the Irons, but that is just not so.


Q: Finally, and this is a tough one, where are we going to finish this season?

AR: You gotta believe, right? I believe we have the potential to take it all, but a top four finish would delight me to no end, and I believe it is possible. If all of these amazing young men continue to play with the tenacity and zeal they have been, with the management we have, and the support we have, the sky is the limit. The future is bright and forever lilywhite.

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